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Apartheid Museum Tour

The Apartheid Museum is a world renowned facility offering a trip of self exploration into the days of apartheid through appealing, interactive displays and film footage. The museum illustrates the rise and fall of the segregation and oppression era of South Africa beautifully. Telling the age old story of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum is a must-visit destination for both holiday enthusiasts and local. Offering a glimpse into the turbulent part of South African history, Apartheid Museum is itself a story of human spirit over hardship and subjugation.

Being conceptualized by a team of multi disciplinary curators, film makers historians and designers, Apartheid Museum has emerged as a power landmark stating the exemplary footmarks of design, space and landmark, ensuring a complete South African experience. Mount Zion Tours and Travels takes the visitors through a dramatic emotional journey telling the story of state sanctioned system based on racial discrimination on a  guided Apartheid Museum tour.

Explore Apartheid Museum Through a Professional Eye

Guided Apartheid Museum Tour

Our personalized Apartheid Museum tour helps visitors to experience the exhilaration of the triumph of reach that crowned half a century struggle. If you want to understand and experience what apartheid South Africa was exactly like, a  guided tour to Apartheid Museum is appropriate alternative to you. Our tour package allows you to see how South Africa is coming to terms with the past and working towards a bright future.

Making a visit to Apartheid Museum with Mount Zion Tours and Travels will provide a comprehensive overview for comprehending the struggle and oppression of non whites under apartheid. No matter what, you will be shocked and terrified by the kin depth racial segregation that took place just before the turn of the city in pre-democratic South Africa. Plan a visit to Apartheid Museum and relive the sad story of white (minority) supremacy and black (majority) oppression exceptionally captivated inside the walls of this world famous museum in South Africa. No matter what, the experience of exploring this museum will leave you in awe of the transformation of a truly diverse country in Africa. With our professional  tour guides, start to understand the dark history of apartheid in 20th century of South Africa with a visit to the world’s preeminent museum in South Africa, Apartheid Museum.

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Apartheid Museum

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