For those customers who prefer to holiday at their own pace and in their own time with the adventure of being in charge of your holiday itinerary and discovering a destination as you drive … car rental in South Africa and Namibia is an excellent option. With a well-maintained and comprehensive network of established primary and secondary roads, a self drive holiday is a wonderful way to explore these destinations.

Avis Rent a Car is the leading car rental brand in Southern Africa, with a network of 125 branches offering convenient pickup or delivery and collection on request.

Avis have a large fleet with a wide selection of vehicles, and the Avis Careline provide 24hour Roadside assistance and breakdown service. Avis has a passion for service and is focused on getting the right solution for each and every customer. After all, at Avis, people will always be more important than cars.

The Avis Cares philosophy is underpinned by three pillars; upliftment in Communities, conserving the Environment, and development of our People. Avis is the first car rental company in Africa to receive Carbon Neutral
accreditation for the offset of its internal fuel and energy usage.

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Avis GPS

The Avis GPS satellite navigation system unit is easily attached to the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen and is operated through touch screen mechanism. Users simply have to type their destination into the unit and will be guided using turn-by-turn directions to their destinations in their choice of any language, both on screen and with voice guidance.

The Avis GPS has the latest mapping software available in South Africa and that is the most important feature of any GPS. The customer’s GPS locations can be saved into the GPS by our expert staff and easily retrieved later. Guidance will then start and take the customer to that location


Avis offers complimentary Touring Atlas at all airport and downtown locations in South Africa. Area maps are available in Namibia.

Satellite Phone Rental in Namibia

Namibia is a large country, which consists mainly of deserts with vast distances between towns and very limited mobile phone coverage. The customer can stay in touch by using a satellite phone. This is available at Windhoek Airport and downtown locations. Request when making the car rental reservation.

MountZion Tours And Travels – Satellite Phone and Avis Car Rental in Johannesburg, South Africa

Car Hire

South Africa has so many things to add to the experience of international as well as local tourists – vibrant cities like Cape Town & Johannesburg, smooth travel across bordering countries like Namibia, sun-soaked beaches and ever welcoming communities. If you are looking to experience the natural beauty of this fabulous country along with urban life of Cape Town, great wilderness of Johannesburg and Namibia’s deserted landscape, Avis car rental in Johannesburg will help you travel with added comfort, convenience and flexibility.  It is offered by Avis Rent a Car, a leading car rental company operating with a wide network of 125 branches with timely pickup and drop off service. With Avis’s extensive fleet and a wide variety of vehicles, Avis car rental in Johannesburg will be perfectly enjoyable throughout your South African tour. In fact, 24 hour breakdown and roadside vehicle assistance service will be ensured to make your dream of self drive journey a reality. Since well modeled and well maintained cars will be part of Avis car rental program, you will always have a safe and reliable mean to explore Cape Town, Johannesburg, Namibia and other popular destinations in South Africa.

Avis is the brand known for it’s a passion for high standard service and focus on delivering the best transportation solution for almost every tourist in South Africa at reasonable rates. After all, it cares for comfort and safety for tourists with the best collection and the best priced cars.

No other car rental service can match Avis, the 1st Carbon Neutral accredited car rental agency in Africa the Avis Rent a Car which promotes energy efficiency and less internal fuel combustion.

Should you want to go on adventure trip or travel in remote regions (ocean, air or ground) in South Africa where no reliable communication will be available, you can also depend on satellite phone rental South Africa to keep connected. Satellite phone rental can be a great option only if you need an active phone connection to talk to your close ones during a few days/weeks trip across the neighboring country like Namibia or in the Mother city Cape Town.

Whenever you visit in South African regions falling outside cellular network coverage or in locations without adequate landline connection, satellite phone rental in Cape Town will help you keep connected no matter whatever may be your tour’s purpose, and it will be again cost-effective and reliable in keeping you connected all the time. To ensure your personal and professional reach with quick voice communication and data connectivity, you should think of using satellite phone rental Namibia at any time or at anywhere. You have the option to book satellite phone rental in South Africa or Avis car rental in South Africa with MountZion Tours and Travels.

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