10 Tips for First Time visitor to South Africa

It is believed that ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things by using the opportunity of travel that they may have never done before. South Africa is growing as the adventure capital of the world and is known for its widely varying landscapes, adventure-filled safaris to watch for and at the same South Africa is found to be famous for the holiday destination with its wonderful shorelines. There is always a need for Accommodations in South Africa when you visit South Africa for a Vacation, a Day tour or an excursion. A well established Tour & Travel operator can give you a number of options for true values for money which you can opt for ;

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1. Do Research &Take Advise –

Irrespective of whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned traveler to South Africa and strong inclination for South Africa Safari it is always good to do advance research about the tours and travelers in South Africa and their services. As a traveler, you must be passionate about the touring places and the tour guide who you feel you can trust and discuss the touring packages with them. Advance research would help you to know all tour & travel operators and gather more information about them and the travel reviews. Never forget to check with Mount Zion Tours & Travel – South Africa tour specialists for any type of tour packages.

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2. Understand the Tour& Travel Itinerary –

Tour& Travel Itinerary

You must understand when to start and when to finish and what to do in between through your Tours and Travels package. The tours and travels itineraries give you the complete idea about the South Africa Safari destinations, arrivals departures and the various activities to be which can encourage and relax you a lot. Your travel, accommodation, touring outline helps you properly plan your tour to South Africa.

3. Plan to stay at least two weeks–

South Africa is a great place for Wild Life, Long Coasts, and several excellent tourist destinations. To make the traveling ever memorable, you may like to stretch your vacation and budget. You must first come out of jet lag and you must ensure your body is accustoming to the environment which takes little time. This would keep you in a comfortable state for various activities, adventure in South Africa Safari, shopping, City Tours and everything which you can put into the tour bucket with a consultation with the trusted tour operator. Travel packages from Mount Zion Tours & Travel – South Africa give you the options of day tours to various destinations in South Africa.

4. Bring All The Toiletries You Will Need –


Whether you are on a day tour or long time tour, you must choose to stay safe, clean. Consider getting all clean clothes, practical accessories like sunglass, binoculars, water bottles, guidebooks, hiking shoes, skin protection creams etc.

5. Plan the Best Place to Stay –

Best Place to Stay

You must consult your tour guide about luxurious budget accommodation. If you are a beach lover, you may want to stay near the seashore. If you are planning for a self-catering guest house during the South Africa Safari tour it is never a difficult option for any traveler to look for a suitable hotel or lodging accommodation. Madikwe River Lodge, Thakadu River Camp, Hollow Boutique Hotels, Tshukudu Private Game Reserve etc. are a few good names to remember to get a good safari experience.

6. Plan the Best Place to Visit-

Best Place to Visit

There are plenty of places in South Africa which brings your attention to a picture-perfect South Africa Safari tour. You may go crazy about the uneven mountains, golden beaches and the various sanctuaries, museums which fascinate day-trippers around the world. Mount Zion Tours & Travel – South Africa tour specialists give you many such pleasant touring options and it’s amazing to tour scenic backdrop of Table Mountain in Cape Town and little more time to tour for Winelands is ever memorable; Plan for a Balloon safari in Johannesburg or visit to the Elephant sanctuary, it all a value for money which you can find in the Touring Packages available from the Travel Agents.

7. Flexible &Find Time Go Social –

South Africa encompasses many cultures, cuisine. On a South Africa Safari, you can spend some time understanding the Locals, their habitats, be friendly with local leads who can guide you about the community, heritages over there and how
they treat travelers. Respect the culture and traditions which are carried on for many years.

8. Health &Hygiene –

Health &Hygiene food

Understand the weather condition and medical attention notifications while you are planning South Africa Safari. Take insect repellants and donot hesitate to talk to a doctor. Safe drinking water habits would help you away from common issues of malnutrition, dehydration and gastro symptoms.

9. Language of the Place –

Languages and basic conversations

Try to have some knowledge about the Languages and basic conversations by exploring. Sometimes it helps you a lot about understanding and communicating. Your South Africa Tours and Travels representative though help you at every stage from beginning to end but having some knowledge of the tribal dialects helps.

10. Passport and Important information –

Passport and Important information

You just need to have your passport, money cards not cash, important contact numbers and other immigration documents always with you during your safari tour in South Africa. With these you feel confident about your purchase, donate or travel extension capabilities.

Conclusion –

There are many things can be taken care yourself as a smart traveler but considering a trusted tour operator can help you meet all travel requirements. The tour & travel packages from Mount Zion Tours and Travels are the best Values for Money choice as it comes in with a budget which you would choose. At Mount Zion Tours and Travels we have compiled with a range of activity list for those looking to get a taste of South Africa and its incredible diversity. We are the best Safari tour operator & tour accommodation provider in South Africa that gives you comfort and pleasure. Call us on +27 (0) 11 492 1740, info@mountziontours.co.za and we share our recommendations and information for how to explore South Africa at its best.Please stay connected with Mount Zion Tours & Travel on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, social networks.

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