10 Useful Tips to Plan Your Next Safari Holiday in South Africa

South Africa –

Awe-inspiring powdery beaches lapped by two oceans – Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, star-studded desert skies, jagged, lush mountains, majestic Big Five in the Kruger National Park – South Africa is truly a country of astounding diversity. Be it constantly changing the landscape, deluxe hotels encounter with wild creatures, vibrant cultures, delicacies, South Africa has all to offer. Just grab a chance to take on a safari holiday in South Africa. The endless landscapes, white beaches, mountain peaks and abundant game reserves wait for discovery. To make your next safari holiday in South Africa successful, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Professional Tour Operator

1. Professional Tour Operator –

Once you’ve decided to visit South Africa, you should hire a local tour operator well-versed in South Africa and has been in the industry for years. No matter whatever your travel desires, a South Africa tour specialist like Mount Zion Tours & Travel help you get covered. If you are looking forward to a day tour or excursion or a complete long vacation, selecting a right tour operator is always a wise decision to bring value for money.

Best Time to Visit

2. Best Time to Visit –

The best time to see wild animals across South Africa is during the war, dry season. It’s time when grass is short, visibility is good, and the weather is dry. Mount Zion Tours & Travel – South Africa tour specialists recommend February, March, September, and October months – offers maximum game-viewing opportunities. But they also say that anytime other than April and May are perfect.

Local Hot Spots

3. Local Hot Spots –

When booking your next safari holiday in South Africa is booked with Mount Zion Tours & Travel, you should know the local hot spots to visit. This way, you will find all the sensational nooks that only the residents are privy. Drift off the main tourist map and immerse yourself in everything South Africa has to offer.

Local Hot Spot

4. Safari Duration –

A vacation in South Africa is a trip of a lifetime for many and will most likely include a long haul flight. When planning your next safari holiday, you should stay in South Africa at least 8- 10 days. All you need to do is to get the most out of your safari holiday adventure in South Africa.

safari holiday adventure in South Africa

5. Packing Essentials –

What to pack is a key question more often asked when planning a holiday. After all, South Africa is a casual country with a tendency to dress smarter. Bring good walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen cream for summer, waterproof jacket, gloves, and scarf for winter. 6. Food and Wine – Food and wines are the integral part of any safari holiday to South Africa and you will be spoilt with the finest meals in upmarket lodges, restaurants, hotels. Side street cafes and farmer’s markets. Besides, you will take pride in exploring the Cape – the countless award-winning wine estates are producing legendary wines. Make sure you taste the local craft beer and artisan gin scene.

Food and Wine Food and Wines

7. Game-viewing Etiquette –

While on a safari adventure, it’s necessary to adhere to bush etiquette. Always listen what your tour guide stays and try to be silent near the animals. Don’t take photographs with flash, stand up in the vehicles, obstruct other visitors. After all, these are the spectacular wild animals you’re out there to see, a great privilege to be respectful and mindful of.

Game-viewing Etiquette

8. Sightseeing Adventures –

Most first-timers to South Africa choose to visit the best-known national park – Kruger National Park, Table Mountain National Park, Cape Peninsula, etc. As South Africa has been expanding day by day, most travelers love to take South Africa safari holiday for great game-viewing experience.

Sightseeing Adventures

9. Accommodation –

Experienced, reliable tour operators like Mount Zion Tours & Travel suggest that tented safari camps, deluxe hotels are often quite luxurious accommodation. You can look back on your interaction with camp staff, rangers, guides, and other guests on the day or night safaris.


10. Health and Safety –

Likewise, every country, South Africa has its own inoculation and safety regulations. Rest assured that, your tour operator will inform you on what to expect and what precautions (health and safety standards) are recommended in South Africa.

Conclusion –

I hope now you might have got a better idea about planning your next safari holiday in South Africa. No matter whatever your South Africa vacation needs, it’s highly suggested to consider hiring a professional tour operator – locally owned and operated in South Africa. If you’re thinking so, look no further than Mount Zion Tours & Travel. We specialize in providing tailor-made South Africa tour itineraries to make your planning for safari holiday adventure one of its kind you will treasure forever. Please stay connected with Mount Zion Tours & Travel on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, social networks.

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