11 Best Things To Do In Lesotho

The culturally rich, affordable, beautiful, and easily accessible from Johannesburg and Durban, the mountainously Lesotho is a widely underrated travel destination. The contrast with South Africa could not be more beautiful with the Basotho people’s unique personality and the altitudinous terrain’s topographical extremes. Even a few days in Lesotho’s hospitable mountain lodges and trading posts will give you a unique perspective on South Africa.

Renowned as the “Kingdom in the sky” or the “Mountain Kingdom”, Lesotho offers unforgettable scenery for tourists with its surreal tock formations, abundant water in lakes, rivers, and splendid waterfalls everywhere, grasslands, and exceptional mountain flora and fauna. It’s the exquisite landscape of this mountain kingdom that makes any activity more special.

Here are a few activities to do in Lesotho to make the most out of your vacation:

1.Mountain biking –

Mountain biking has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment amongst the young adventure loving tourists that visit different corners around the world. Mountain biking adventures take riders through zigzagging routes amidst the beautiful and high mountain ranges of the country.

While exploring through different rocky roads the travelers will go past plentiful scenic locations, exquisite flora and fauna as well as magnificent waterfalls. Take the opportunity to enjoy downhill biking that makes the trip more adventurous, especially if this is the particular way to get more fun.

There are a few tour operators that organize mountain biking tours through the Lesotho Mountains. These tours typically take 4 to 5 days or more and can be once-in-a-lifetime experience for all adventure enthusiasts.

2.Hiking –

Lesotho is definitely a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. It’s mountainous, rough, rugged, yet incredibly scenic, and perfect for hiking adventures. Lesotho has no organized hiking trails; but on the other hand, it doesn’t require any as the country is a great network of footpaths and bridle. You won’t find a single fence in the mountains.

3.Fishing –

Fishing is a heavenly experience providing a plenty of excitement and fun for anglers. A huge number of dams and rivers in Lesotho have made fishing one of the most delightful leisure activities around the country. September to May is the perfect time for fishing in Lesotho.

The mountain streams of the Lesotho highlands offer some of the best opportunities for trout fishing throughout Africa. The high altitude and cold temperatures make Lesotho year-round haven for trout fishing adventures. Doing fishing in the rainy season is possibly the worst time as most of the rivers are clouded with silt and the fishing is highly affected.

4.Paragliding –

Despite having perfect crystal clear mountain air and strong breezes for paragliding, the sport remains very much dormant while across the border near De Aar town. However, gliders should bring their own wings as there is no specific equipment for hire in Lesotho. You can get local information from the Lesotho Tourist Board. This makes an ideal venue for these activities.

5.Skiing –

Skiing is one of the main reasons for tourists flocking to Lesotho, a land locked country surrounded by the terrain of the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho is situated in a high altitude with temperatures going below freezing point throughout the winter months. It facilitates perfect opportunities for skiing in Lesotho. The ideal time for skiing is from June to August.

6.Quad biking –

The highlands of Lesotho offer some of the fabulous off-road driving that you’ll encounter anywhere throughout South Africa. It’s full of stunning mountain passes and deep river valleys with tremendous scenery that boast unforgettable experiences.

The roads and passes provide different challenges that can test driver’s skills and vehicle. Most of the country roads are little more than dirt tracks, however the road network is upgrading slowly in line with the main roads. No matter what, the mountain kingdom has a great challenge for you that you’ll find both rewarding and inspiring at the end of the day.

7.Abseiling –

For all those adrenaline junkies out there, Lesotho has something really special for you in store. However, taking an abseiling adventure can allow you enjoy a breathtaking 40-minute long complete adrenaline rush. Its abseiling experiences are the best and most exciting that appeal many international daredevils.

The Maletsunyane Falls is the venue for daring feet and waterfalls. This is probably the most famous waterfall around the Mountain Kingdom. At a whopping 669ft, it’s the highest single drop waterfall located in South Africa and holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercially operated abseiling around the world.

8.Kayaking –

With water otherwise well-known as “White Gold” in Lesotho, the water sports activities on larger rivers and the Mohale and Katse Dams should not be missed out. Try out kayaking in the Senqu River as it flows towards the west of the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll get to experience tremendous scenery and wild landscapes.

Katse Dam is a unique and incredible paddling experience. It’s like no other dam and its clear, cold waters reflect the surrounding terrain with magnificent clarity. Everything you’ll get to see there is on a grand scale. You are always looking up in awe as another huge mountain emerges from the depth of the lake.

9.Bird watching –

Birding is one of the most sought after activities in Lesotho. It comes as a fascinating and surprising entertainment option for all birding enthusiasts. The best time for bird watching is from October to March. Drakensberg and Maluti ranges are the sightseeing attractions by bird watchers with Sani Pass.

With over 280 different bird species to see, you’ll certainly get bowled out by the sheer variety and numbers of colorful bird species, some of them are endemic to Lesotho and extremely rare to find.

10.Trekking –

A memorable glimpse at traditional village lifestyle in Lesotho is best experienced by pony trekking around Lesotho’s unspoiled western region. A huge number of local companies offers one day and multiple days excursions that include visiting villages and staying overnight in rondavel huts after a daylong seeing beautiful scenery from the back of a sturdy, sure-footed pony.

11.Experiencing nature –

Do you love scenic nature? Why don’t you embark on a Lesotho tour! Lesotho’s hidden jewel is Sehlabathebe National Park. With the wide grasslands, imposing sandstone formations, and a glittering sea of wildflowers, you can often enjoy all yourself.

Discover top things to do in Lesotho –

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