Tips Regarding How to Get the Best Wildlife Viewing in the Kruger National Park

South Africa features a great variety of wildlife and habitats. The protection of these diverse habitats in national parks and game reserves has already brought many tourists an ultimate experience in wildlife viewing. Some of the leading wildlife reserves and national parks in this regions are Kruger National Park, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Mala Mala Game Reserve, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, Kgalagadi TP, Phinda Game Reserve and more.

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The Kruger National Park and many of its bordering private wildlife games including Klaserie, Kapama, Balule,Thornybush, Timbavati and Manyeleti offer you a wide range of options for South African safaris. All of them have many interesting species of Wildlife that would be the chief attraction of your upcoming South African safaris. Some local tour operators are coming with pre-fixed as well as custom itineraries to give you the ultimate pleasure as a first-time safari goer and a fantastic experience of wildlife viewing.

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They design safari itineraries to take you into different National Parks

Game Reserves in South Africa with a focus on multiple aspects of wildlife viewing. Their standard options range from guided day tours to family friendly safaris in South Africa or you can even take up customized options to enjoy your desired activity or interest like birding, primate watching, Gorilla trekking in a South African Safari. Most of these tour operators are assisted by expert guides having a remarkable field experience. While booking your South African safari tours with any of them, you will realise that your chance to view wildlife is greater. However, there are a few additional tips you can try and follow to be assured of the best wildlife view in the South African parks.

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Wildlife viewing in the South African national park or game reserve will be the best memory of your family safari or group safari. Your experience of a South African safari will be based on how clearly and closely you see the wildlife in their natural habitat. In order to increase your chance of viewing wildlife in parks at times when they are supposed to be very active, you will normally have to follow the instruction of your safari guide. He is knowledgeable when it comes to expose you to the wonderful wildlife in their conserved habitats.

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Mount Zion Tours and Travels has gathered some exclusive tips regarding how to get the best wildlife viewing in the Kruger National Park. You need to follow them on your next safari for the best possible wildlife viewing experience.

1. Use local maps and guides

Hire local guides and use maps that are mostly available at the rest camp stores and park entrance gates. It is through the guide’s knowledge and the details given out in the maps, you will be able to gather lots of information about the wildlife species available in the park and the most convenient time you can see them.

2. Stick to the conditions of the park or Game Reserve

Be sure that you are aware of the conditions of whichever park or game reserve you visit as a part of your South African Safari. These conditions have been put especially for the safety of visitors as well as wild animals living in the park. For the most pleasant and memorable wildlife experience in South Africa safaris, you will have to stick to the conditions. Below are given a few tips that you may encounter in many parks and game reserves.

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  • Not to feed the monkeys and baboons – It may cause them to behave aggressively for food and don’t get controlled so easily. Sometimes, these animals are needed to be shot dead.

  • Not to get out of your vehicle except a few designated spots – There may be danger outside. So, don’t get down your vehicle except at a few recognised spots (generally picnic sites) or when the tour guide asks you to come out.

  • Keep distance from animals – Wildlife behaviour can’t be predicted. They may come to attack you violently without any reason.

  • Not to throw rubbish or waste in the park – The South African wildlife reserves are clear areas – built as an invaluable heritage. Dispose of your garbage where you are asked to and take pleasant memories in photographs.

  • Maintain the vehicle speed limit: If you are on a self-drive safari, its better to maintain the speed limit while driving in the park as it will prevent unnecessary road accidents and greatly increase your chance of finding wildlife and interesting insects, birds, vegetation and numerous bush animals.

3. Keep quiet and concentrate more on animal sounds

A South African safari can be a lifetime experience for you. You can feel lost in nature and keep away from pressure of work and daily life and feel rejuvenated with a new energy. So, you need to keep quiet, hear the animal sounds, see the sights and guess the movement of wild animals in the park attentively. Most of the wildlife can sense your presence much before you notice them. They monitor your activity, weigh your distance and then decide whether to stay or run away from the site. So, don’t talk much while in the park and use signs or signals if possible. Move noiselessly and switch off your mobile phone.

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4. Follow the instructions of the rangers and tour guides

The forest rangers and safari guides have the best knowledge on wildlife and their nature. They are not just dealing in the park surroundings for years but also can predict the movement amongst other activities of the animals. If they ask you to stand quite or don’t make any sound or noise, then be sure to obey them as they are always concerned for your safety and want you to avoid any danger prevalent in the site. With skilful and experienced tour guides, you will be able to view more interesting wildlife and learn far more about their habitats and life.

5. Be patient and wait longer

Find out a safe place and be prepared to wait there patiently. Sometimes, you can view more wildlife by sitting calmly for a few minutes or just waiting for hours. It might seem like a boring job to wait for animals to come to your sight but it will be rewarding and relaxing beyond what you can really expect.

6. Be punctual and arrive in Park at the right time

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Pay more attention to gather details about the perfect seasons and time to view the wildlife in the parks. The best seasons to view wildlife are after the first rainfall when the dry bush regains its green vibrance and many wildlife animals give birth to their progenies, keeping in line with the excitement and renewal. Similarly the right time to watch wildlife activities is in the early morning and late evening as most of them don’t like to move out in the hurting heat of the day.

7. Carry a quality pair of binoculars

Consider bringing a quality pair or binoculars as they will help you see wildlife from a distance and add to your wildlife viewing experience in South Africa. Even if many fear coming with children on a safari trip with a toddler but we recommend Children on an African Safari to make a dream vacation for the whole family.

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We are hopeful that the above given tips will help you experience the best wildlife view in the parks on your next South African Safari. For any queries and concerns you can contact us directly at +27 (11) 492 1740 or email us at

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