Top 10 Best Reasons To Visit South Africa This Winter


South Africa has become the most appealing sightseeing destination for winter holidays around the world at a quick pace. There are plentiful things to do in South Africa that a holiday enthusiast needs several visits just to scratch the surface only!

Not only it is a fun place to explore, but when you go there, you will have wide arrays of opportunities to try out things that you’d have never thought of doing. In short and simple words, South Africa is an excellent place to be with family and friends on winter. If you are still not convinced about whether or not to plan a trip to South Africa trip, check out this post below and see some of the best reasons why visiting South Africa is the best vacation for winter holidays:

10 Best Reasons To Visit South Africa This Winter-

1. The Year Round Sunshine –


Generally, South Africa enjoys a sunny climate with areas experiencing over 300 days of sunshine year round. In fact, South Africa really has a warm, inviting climate even during the winter months. Though South Africa is situated in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are just opposite to what they are in the United States. This means, our autumn and winter months are ideal time for basking in warm, summer sun of South Africa.

2. The Serene Wilderness –

Most of South African regions are fully wild and untamed. There are vast expansive areas with awe-inspiring scenes as far as the eye can see; which makes it an ideal place to get away from bustling city lifestyle and enjoy serenity on winter holidays.
3. The Spectacular Mountains –


The well-known mountain in South Africa is undoubtedly Table Mountain located in Cape Town. But it’s not the only one. There are picturesque mountain ranges all over the country like Drakensberg range; which can be chosen for your winter adventure.

4. The Safari Adventure-


There are handful countries across the world where you can take a safari tour, Kruger National Park is one of them. Being one of the largest game reserves in the world, Kruger National Park is located in Mozambique and Zimbabwe along with being in South Africa. You can either take a drive through the park on your own or you can enjoy private tours. Besides, there is wide availability of lodges and resorts that you can stay over night offering you the ultimate opportunities to enjoy game drives and see beautiful varieties of animals like those in the Big Five. Keep in mind that watching wildlife up close to your eyes is addictive!

5. The World Famous Big Five –


Existence of the majestic Big Five species makes wildlife safaris must-have encounters in South Africa. The term “Big Five’ includes five most ferocious animal species who hunt on foot, the Cape Buffalo, the White and Black Rhinoceros, the African Leopard, the African Elephant and the African Lion. From the huge Kruger International Park located near Johannesburg to the smaller safari parks and national game reserves across the country, there are amazing opportunities to catch a glimpse of these stunning yet dangerous creatures.

6. The Wineland –


South Africa is famed as one of the biggest wine producing countries around the world, but the wine itself is almost hidden by the breathtaking wine regions of Cape Town, featuring lush rolling hills and awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

After all, if you are in South Africa in winter, tasting warm red wine and cheese platters seem more tempting, especially when complemented by roaring fireplaces and glass windows letting you to experience the rain patter down into the vineyards outside.

7. The Thrilling Drives –

If road trips appeal you the most, spend quality time while meandering around the world famous Garden Route that winds along the stretch of the south eastern coast of the country. If you don’t have enough time to take a long journey, then enjoy driving to Chapman’s Peak located in the outskirts of Cape Town- where you will feel like you’re miles away from civilization.

8. The Fun-filled Activities –

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then South Africa can seem like a giant playground to you. You can enjoy activities like hiking, surfing, mountain biking, road cycling, abseiling, paragliding and more that could fill your days with wonderful experiences to cherish forever!

9. The Wonderful History –


The history of South Africa can be discovered at many of the museums around the country. Two museums that can be added to your South Africa trip itinerary are Robben Island, earlier a prison off the Cape Town which was home to Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

10. The Wonderful Shopping Paradise –


It’s might be quite surprising to know that South Africa is a pretty incredible shopping hub. With thriving numbers of local designers, full of international designer stores and malls located across the major cities, South Africa is emerged as an amazing shopping destination.

Final Thought –

Go almost anywhere in South Africa and experience the perfect blend of wildlife, culture, adventure, vibe and serene nature with Mount Zion Tours! When you are in South Africa, you’re fully spoilt for choice so pack it in!
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