Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kenya as Holiday Destination

magnificent wildlife

Kenya is a destination with a perfect combination of spectacular coastline, magnificent wildlife, a unique blend of ancient practice and modern vibes – all in a serene and scenic environment. It’s the enchantment of Kenya. Being the mystical, mysterious, yet well-accessible country, the East African land boasts all ingredients for a fun-filled, enlightening holiday adventure. While vacationing in Kenya, you will be able to meet and interact with friendly locals, see lions prowling across the wild, and listen to the words – “Hakuna Matata” millions of times, a Swahili phrase.

Though Kenya is one of the most authentic safari destinations around the world, thousands of tourists visit every year to experience the real Africa. Blessed with a picture-perfect coastline, unrivaled wildlife concentration, and fascinating culture, there are countless reasons to choose Kenya as your next holiday destination – but here are just a few:

1.    Magnificence of Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara –

Magnificence of Wildebeest Migration

Home to over 50 national parks and game reserves, Kenya emerges as safari destination in East Africa. When you are in Masai Mara National Reserve, you will be immersed in its unmatched offerings like safari activities in plains, diverse wildlife – you won’t find anywhere. However, the reserve hosts the most outstanding annual wildlife phenomenon – the Great Migration. It’s an awesome extravaganza – occurs whenever a large herd of mammals travels the Masai Mara through the Serengeti National Park. If you plan a holiday around this time, you can enjoy taking loads of beautiful photos of wild species in their natural habitat and you will feel like a king while staying in any of lodges up-close to Masai Mara.

2.    Honeymoon Delights –

Honeymoon Delights

Start your marital life altogether with the most unforgettable experience by exploring the delights of Kenya for your honeymoon. In fact, Kenya is the home to a huge array of resorts – including private resort islands, camps, and lodges offering unparalleled honeymoon experience. Just you need to pick your lodging & boarding near the beach or the adventurous ones in interesting bush destinations.

3.    Mount Kenya Adventure –

3. Mount Kenya Adventure

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and it offers a wealth of diverse climbing opportunities on rock, snow, and ice. If you want to try out the spirit of adventure, you should choose Mount Kenya adventure and enjoy the striking scenery of the friendly ambiance of the national park where exactly the mountain resides.

4.    Hiking and Trekking Tours –

Hiking and Trekking Tours

From snow-capped peak of Mt Kenya to the picturesque desert wonders of the north, there are huge varieties of hiking and trekking trails to explore. In short and simple words, both hikers and trekkers will have enough to conquer on a Kenya holiday.

5.    Surreal Experiences of National Parks and Reserves –

Hot air balloon

If you’re against staying on a spot while exploring on a Kenya safari holiday, then you should hop on a hot air balloon as there are over 50 national parks waiting to welcome you with a roar. What’s more, you want, as you can get to explore everything atop a hot air balloon! What could be better than getting 360-degrees views of national parks , wild life and reserves in Kenya!

6.    Authentic Kenyan Delicacies –

local dishes in Kenya

You can try a wide array of great local dishes in Kenya. From traditional to everyday dishes- you will try them all. However, the capital city of Kenya – Nairobi has plentiful restaurants offering diverse menus from every corner of the world.

7.    UNESCO Heritage Sites –

UNESCO Heritage

Kenya has six UNESCO Heritage Sites – Mount Kenya National Park, Fort Jesus Mombasa, the Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley, Lake Turkana National Parks, Lamu Old Town and Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests.

8.    Beautiful Sunset –

Beautiful Sunset

There is no better place to watch the beautiful sunset over one of the twenty-five conservancies in Kenya. There are two benefits of enjoying the sunset over the conservancies in Kenya – first of all, no light pollution or skyscrapers will obstruct the view and second, you will see huge wildebeest and zebra herds in the distance while watching the sun dip.

9.    The Panorama of Landscape –

The Panorama of Landscape

The dramatic geographical sightings not only makes Kenya a great home to the thousands of wildlife species residing here but also makes it a preferred destination for all kinds of travelers. When you go along the coast, you will see white sandy beaches and aqua water, in the north, mountains and rugged terrains; in the central and south region you have rain forests, beautiful lakes, and grassy plains. However, Kenya is truly a geographical wonderland, in every aspect!

10.    Bustling Marketplace –

Kenya boasts a vibrant culture – showcased in their cultural attire, crafts, and jewelry. The perfect place to collect these memories to take back home is the Maasai Markets – a unique integration of handful artists, traders, and craftsmen. Usually, these markets are held daily at different places around Kenya. Each and every item you buy from these markets is an exquisite piece of art portraying the artistic value, craftsmanship and traditional culture in an innovative, colorful approach.


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