Top 5 Things to Do for Fun in Zambia

bungee jumping

Want to explore Zambia – boasts remote, captivating wilderness filled with appealing diversity of wildlife like any part of South Africa? Adventure enthusiasts take a deep insight into the bush lifestyle of Zambia where animals – including predators and prey wander through the unfenced camps and where night means swapping stories around the fire as well as where the footprint of human us nowhere to be seen!

If you are thinking to discover the unspoiled land of Zambia on vacation, let’s take a look at a few activities you should choose to ensure wonderful holiday experience:

The Fun-filled Activities to Do in Zambia-

1. Wander around the Spectacles of Majestic Victoria Falls –

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls stands out as a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and splendor on the great Zambezi River – forming a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. In short and simple words, Victoria Falls is well-known as the greatest curtain of falling water around the world. When taking a tour to the magnificent tourist destination, you will get to see columns of spray from miles away distance as the height of the rainy season, over a width of nearly two kilometers into a gorge over one hundred meter below.
If you are an adventurous soul, you can take part in bungee jumping or zip lining from the Victoria Falls Bridge as well as white water rafting in some of the unruly rapids just below the falls.

2. Get Adrenaline Pumping Adventure at Livingstone –


bunjee jumping off
The former Zambia’s capital city, Livingstone is now a well-established adventure sports capital in Africa. When taking a tour to Livingstone, you can enjoy bungee jumping off the 111m (364ft) bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe around the Zambezi River, being located below Victoria Falls with some of the best white water rapids to be found anywhere around the world.

3. Explore Lower Zambezi National Park –

Zambezi National Park
One of the premier wildlife sighting areas around the country, the Lower Zambezi National Park has a large stretch of wilderness area along the northeastern direction of the Zambezi River. However, you will get best wildlife viewing opportunities on the floodplain and along the river. In fact, some of the mammal species you’ll explore like impala, buffalo, leopard, lion, wild dog, cheetah, lion, bushbuck etc. and more than 400 bird species in their natural habitat.

4. Walking Safari at South Luangwa National Park –

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park is a fascinating national park in Zambia offering majestic scenery, varieties and huge density of wildlife species like giraffes, buffaloes, waterbucks, impalas wandering around the wide open plains or hunting in the dense woodlands. Take a walking safari tour to South Luangwa National Park to get up close to wonderful African wildlife personally with a professional tour guide in Zambia!

5. Stroll around the Mighty Zambezi River –

Mighty Zambezi River

The awesome sightings of the great Zambezi River is specifically an attractive destination with amazing adventure-filled opportunities like canoe safari within Lower Zambezi National Park.

On your tour to the Zambezi River, you will see diverse elephant species on the banks when you paddle along the river. Your tour guide will point out birds and keep a careful watch for hippos at the Zambezi River. Besides, the river is also an attractive hotspot for tiger fishing adventure!

Conclusion –

victoria fall

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