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Chobe National Park is one of the greatest wildlife safari destinations in Northeast of Botswana, South Africa. Well-known for its huge elephants and large elephant population, Chobe occupies nearly around 11,000 square kilometers which looks like a small country in size itself and has become a key attraction of Botswana’s safari sector. It was established for the first time as a wildlife reserve during 1930s and officially became the 1st national park of Botswana in 1968.

The 2nd largest park in the nation of Botswana beams brightly with amazingly diverse marshland areas, flood plains, grasslands, savannah, woodland and the Savuti and Chobe Rivers. Chobe has the greatest wildlife concentrations supported by the Chobe Riverfront and the highest number of elephants living in the park. Here, the elephants are very large in size but look different with their short tusks. Along with elephants, an great number of impala, zebra, giraffe, wildbeest, sable, kudu, warthogs, waterbuck, lion, eland and hyena can be found, and if your luck favours then leopard and cheetah as well.  In the north region near the striking gateway of Kasane, game watching on a Chobe River Cruise during sunset can be the best part of your safari. The soulful area of Savuti is towards the south west region of Chobe National Park, lying over the Okavango Delta and covering 5000 sq km. Due to high mass of lions, it is also called as ‘The Kingdom of the Lion’. Chobe woos safari goers with excellent opportunities of game viewing in Linyanti Wildlife Reserve along and excitement of seeing freely wandering preys and predators all across the area.

The site of Chobe National Park is outstanding and enjoyable at every moment. It is where you can experience more than 50,000 stunning creatures. If you want to get a close look of its diverse wildlife and have a personal experience with African gentle giants, then Chobe National Park accommodation is to be asked for that is fit for you.

No matter you like to self-drive or camp under the sky studded with stars at night or fly into a Chobe National Park lodge for luxury accommodation, you can call us at +27 (0) 21 930 8111 Now!

Chobe National Park Accomodation


Perched high on the eastern side of the Ghoha Hills, this hilltop retreat boasts unparalleled 180 degree views across the Savannah and the natural waterhole which attracts birds and wildlife year round. To the south east of the lodge, the Savuti Marsh beckons with its unique game viewing opportunities.
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Chobe Safari Lodge is situated in Kasane on the banks of the Chobe River. Chobe Safari Lodge shares the border with the Chobe National Park. Chobe Safari Lodge therefore offers an excellent gateway to the Chobe Nationa Park and surrounding area.
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Uniquely located in the North-Eastern corner of Botswana where the four African nations of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia converge, Chobe Marina Lodge is surrounded by the natural beauty of Africa.
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