Mount Zion Tours and Travels – The Kalahari Region Accommodation

The dried and revised self-esteem of the Okavango Delta appears in the Kalahari region which is a primitive landscape, remembered in stone, spikes and reminding the initial memories of the hard human life in this desert area. It gives the impression of a surreal land where time flew finding voice in the warm winds and cracked thorn brush falling under the feet of a San tracker in the Kalahari Desert. Here, you will experience the undying roar of a Kalahari lion resounding across the silent air of desert. It is a lonely valley that extends through the heart of the Kalahari Desert and chases the path of primeval rivers that vanished into the sand of desert long ago.

The Kalahari Desert is a beautiful and vast semi-arid savannah covering most of Botswana, and stretching into South Africa and Namibia. Its great wilderness is felt through an area extending over 360,000 sq miles. Kalahari is also referred to as the Kgalagadi by Tswana which means Land of Thirst. True to its name, Kalahari reflects a mix of riverbeds, salt pans and bushes. The impossibly extensive horizon of this desert land looks like painted well by a sand palette which is also inhabited by big cats such as leopards, cheetahs, and the black maned Kalahari lions.

There are three game reserves and parks in this deserted land, one of which is conserved for endangered and rare species such as cheetahs, lions, and wild dog packs. It is the 2nd largest reserve in the entire world and is popularly known as the Kalahari Game reserve. Seeking Kalahari accommodation in a camp of this reserve will make you feel overwhelmed by its sheer enormity and the sound of howling hyenas, roaring lions and other desert wildlife experience.

A baffling collection of blazing sunsets and changing red sands, of abundant green fields and exploding waterfalls, glorious wildlife reserves and organized vineyards, the Kalahari region will continue to fascinate long after you leave. Make sure to pick up a safari tour that would allow you to visit its top attractions including the wild land of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Makgadikgadi Pans, Tsodilo Hills and the soul soothing tribal village of Riemvasmaak.

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