Mount Zion Tours and Travels – The Okavango Delta Accommodation


Known as the heart beat of the Kalahari Desert and famous as a river which never meets the sea, the Okavango Delta is about 18,000 sq km long stretch of the Okavango river water in north Botswana, traveling from the Angolan highlands and extending out to create the largest inland and fertile river delta in this world. Surrounded with reed banks and striking islands, this iconic Delta always grabs attention of Safari enthusiasts for its mind-blowing bird species and animal varieties including leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hippo, wildebeest and crocodile among others. The best mean to sightsee the Okavango delta is using mokoro, basically a canoe made from a large tree through traditional method, which is a more eco-friendly adaptation these days. Relaxing and taking pleasure in the beautiful surroundings as well as wildlife of this delta is possible, whilst an experienced poler navigates the boat through the complicated waterways. The swamps in the Kalahari and its neighboring area can be explored in a 4×4 vehicle.

There is a little special to feel about the Okavango Delta – the surging of the Okavango river waters, the daily excitement of its wildlife game drive, and its typical sound of roaring lions, barking leopards and the crazy howling of running hyenas, the mysterious looking marshy land created with gently swinging papyrus reeds in the evening wind. When viewed with an aerial flight from Maun, the numerous tributaries of the highly fertile Okavango Delta may look like an eagle’s claw holding on the country tightly and not letting it get loose. At earth level, the indistinct shapes of dead trees in the dried out season give the delta an impression of the disaster.

There are many fly-in lodges offering Okavango Delta accommodation to Botswana safari tourists. Choose one for spending nights deep inside this delta and you are likely to remember it for longer time. It is even possible to experience the delta on small budget with a combination of mobile safari from Maun and then self drive to the Moremi Game reserve campsites. Whichever option you choose, you will have lifetime experience in this epic landscape of Botswana.

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