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Gold Reef City Tour

Located just outside the centre of Johannesburg, Gold Reef City is home to fantastic range of attractions, amongst the best in South Africa. Gold Reef City is a spectacular destination in South Africa offering thrilling roller coasters, cultural shows, petting zoo featuring entertainment facilities for all ages and more. Heading to Gold Reef City gives a wonderful combination of excitement and adventure. With ultimate thrill, family and children’s ride all over the areas, there’s so much for everyone visiting this South African splendor.

The world famous South African Gold Reef City is just eight kilometers away from Johannesburg. Being a well-known theme park, it brings rich history and replica of old time in Johannesburg to alive. Hence, it’s time to take a step back in time as you travel this site in South Africa. Plan a  guided tour with a South Africa tour specialist and experience of the buzz, energy of Gold Reef City. This is where Mount Zion Tours and Travels comes to play. Visitors keep coming this place again and again to feel the vibrancy, uniqueness of this South African sightseeing destination in a truly authentic way.

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Gold Reef City

Though Johannesburg is South Africa’s busiest and biggest city, it owes its existence to the discovery of gold. On your Gold Reef City Tour with our  tour guides, you will be able to get a chance of seeing gold ingots being made. Taking a  guided tour to Gold Reef City with Mount Zion Tours and Travels is worth exploring with its fun-filled theme park, casino and entertainment facilities.

Our magical trip to Gold Reef City tells travel enthusiasts all about how Johannesburg came into being, how gold was discovered on the reef and how the lives of people formed an integral part of a rich and fascinating history. In fact, we specialize in providing a fabulous introductory moving telling the story about the earlier days of Johannesburg and the age old gold discovery. You can also have the opportunity to see a gold pour and experience the euphoria of getting a shiny spec among the dirt.

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Gold Reef city family tour

Our  guided Gold Reef city tour includes interactive trip of 1890’s theme parks, exciting historic and gold mining attractions with introductory film, underground mine tour, exploration of 3 period houses, bar of gold being poured and many more.

Therefore, join the young at heart and enjoy taking part in any of the more than thirty thrilling rides at the theme park in Gold Reef City. No matter whether you need family friendly, kiddies rides or the adrenalin rush adventures, our Gold Reef City tour package has it all to appeal everyone.

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