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Guided Lesedi Cultural Village Tour

Located amid rocky hills and bushveld, just less than one hour’s drive from the city of Johannesburg and on the way to Sun City, Lesedi Cultural Village offers a unique chance to encounter people of diverse cultures – including Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Basotho and Pedi origin. So, you should venture into the heart of South Africa and get to enjoy a unique experience at the Lesedi Cultural Village – which celebrates several traditional cultures of South African inhabitants. On a Lesedi Cultural Village tour, know about the tribes that compose the Rainbow Nation, taste handful authentic cuisines as well as participate in traditional dances. With Mount Zion Tours and Travels – leading tour operator in Johannesburg, South Africa, meet and interact with real traditional people, enter their homes and listen to brief introduction about their individual cultures as well as daily life rituals.

Get Personal with Diverse South African Traditions in Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi Cultural Village

Our personalized Lesedi Cultural Village tour offers you unique chance to get personal with a diverse array of people with varieties of traditions – from Zulu people to those of Xhosa origin, to the English and colored people of Cape Town. No matter what, Lesedi Cultural Village is one of the magnificent destinations in South Africa, letting travel enthusiasts to explore the glorious diversity of people of this mesmeric land. During your visit to this traditional visit with Mount Zion Tours and Travels, enjoy staying in authentic tribal village accommodation without giving up modern day comforts and luxurious amenities.

Our tour guides suggest that Lesedi Village offers a bit of touristy experience; but is unique. While visiting there on a Lesedi Cultural Village tour, expect a wonderful, exceptional experience ensuring ultimate warmth, depth and insight to the colorful diversity of vibrant cultures in South Africa. Booking with Mount Zion Tours and Travels can assure you of a truly genuine African experience like no other. We take you to Lesedi Cultural Village in order to let you enjoy the firsthand experience of rich diversity of African culture. Rest assured that at the end of the day, you’ll feel that the ambience that is created by Lesedi peopleyou won’t find elsewhere!

Explore Lesedi Cultural Village with Us

Lesedi Cultural Village tours

Book your Lesedi Cultural Village tour with Mount Zion Tours and Travels and visit five traditional villages like Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho, Ndebele and Zulu while listening to the age-old music being played and the fabulous stories told by the local traditional people of Lesedi Village in South Africa. Enjoy a delightful tribal get together with Mount Zion Tours and Travels and no matter what you’ll have a lot to talk about after a cultural fun in Lesedi Cultural Village!

Get in touch with Mount Zion Tours and Travels today and let us design your Lesedi Cultural Village tour itinerary including traditional cultural add-ons and more importantly locally prepared cuisines savoring your taste buds!

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