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Pretoria City Tour

Well-known as the Jacaranda City with purple blossom bedecked trees, Pretoria or Tshwane is now a beautiful, peaceful colonial-style city with fascinating history that has molded the city into its current elegant form. Accessed through world renowned Tambo International Airport, visitors often finds themselves travelling through Pretoria on their ways to vacation. However, the city of Pretoria is home to the Union Buildings – the residence of the President and his government as well as parliament during the winter months. Besides, Pretoria is a ultimate destination of vibrant culture with a great array of museums, theaters and monuments to explore. So, take the opportunity to stand in front of the heart of South Africa on a Pretoria city tour with Mount Zion Tours and Travelers overlooking city highlights built on passion and determination. Explore architecturally significant buildings and the statues of past leaders around the nation while visiting the city of Pretoria. Being the administrative centre, with a huge number of gracious old houses in the city centre, large, leafy suburbs and wide streets boasting a unique purple of jacarandas in October and November. This city is much more than an Afrikaner metropolis than Jo’burg.

Often regarded as “Garden City”, Pretoria justifies the name in late spring when the Jacaranda trees bloom into a flood of purple. It’s the capital city of South Africa and steeped in the ancient history of South Africa. All these sightings make the city ideal as the starting point for adventurous holidaymakers. This is why, a guided tour operator based in Johannesburg, Mount Zion Tours and Travels offers specialized Pretoria city tour package allowing you to explore some of the most beautiful sightings this city has to offer.

Seeing Pretoria Through Professional Eyes

City Guided Tours

Now the map of Pretoria is flooded with full of interesting sightseeing attractions to see and things to do – all these things make the city as a must visit destination in South Africa. Though there are so many  activities going on, the only way that you may be sure that not a sight is missed is by indulging your senses in a Pretoria city tour to some of the best place across the city inside South Africa. Besides the city of Pretoria has a rich diverse history and the opulent architecture dotting the city skyline offering some of the best kept secrets of this destination.

Being a reputable guided tour operator, Mount Zion Tours and Travels has designed guided Pretoria city tour itineraries to explore all of the must-see places of the South African capital city at their nest. Our main aim is to take some truly wonderful places giving each tourists their share of real feel for the city. We specialize in providing custom made Pretoria city tour adventures allowing travel enthusiasts to see the vibrancy, magnificence through professional eyes. We at Mount Zion Tours and Travels have several interesting touring options for Pretoria to appeal everyone!

Feel free to contact us today and check out our available options for Pretoria city tour packages. Come and experience the urban lifestyle through professional eyes, join Mount Zion Tours and Travels on a Pretoria city tour!