Mount Zion Tours and Travels- Johannesburg and Pretoria Accommodation


Johannesburg, the mining and industrial capital of SA is the capital city of its richest and smallest province, Gauteng, while its neighbouring city in north Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa itself. Both these cities are very close to each other (65 kilometres) yet come up with diverse features. Growing with fast pace and having trails of gold dust, Johannesburg is a modern, pulsating and multicultural city with high street shopping malls, glass office buildings and legendary townships, called Soweto. It has numerous attractions for tourists to enjoy during their South Africa safari tours. This financial hub of South Africa has a soft side to reckon with the fashionable and treelined suburbs in contrast to the high-rising office buildings of the city. It has theatres, museums, monuments, art galleries, parks and nature reserves to add to the excitement of city visitors. The Lion park is situated within the reachable distance of Johannesburg and Pretoria city where tourists can get a close view of the Transvaal lions and other big five animals from the comfort and safety of their game vehicles. There is a large variety of other African wildlife species and birds to be spotted in a number of green areas and parks around the city. The spacious Johannesburg Zoo can also be visited in the greenly northern suburban of the city for many more exclusive animal species for making a safari memorable.

Pretoria is capital city in north east region  of South Africa recognised for its excellent gardens and parks and the delicate purple flowers of Jacarandas that give it a brilliant lavender shade in spring. The tourists in this capital city will have access to hundreds of attractive spots including bird sanctuaries and game reserves. Many of its old age buildings have been restored successfully and Pretoria has recovered from its turmoil political past to grow into a lively and interesting safari destination with many of its tourist attractions on offer.