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A trip to Johannesburg is incomplete without venturing to the largest and most vibrant township in South Africa, Soweto. Soweto Township is home to over 1.2 million South African inhabitants and most significant historical sightings in South Africa. The township of Soweto is now a vibrant yet energetic paradise that ignites your senses and helps you immerse in truly authentic South African culture. Hence, taking a  guided Soweto tour with Mount Zion Tours and Travels is must and offers travel enthusiasts and history buffs to discover historical sightseeing attractions at their best.

A personalized tour to Soweto (South-Western Township) with Mount Zion Tours and Travels is perfect alternative to visitors keen to get an amazing taste of the vibrant street life style the township famous for. Our  guided tour packages allows you to immerse in incredible cultural richness and trend-setter of South Africa as the heart of the country beats to the rhythms of Soweto. Choosing our customized tour itinerary to Soweto allows to discover the reality about life in Johannesburg’s most popular district and savor the ultimate taste of township in one of the wide arrays of restaurants offering everything from barbecues to contemporary variations on traditional Zulu dishes.

Experience Soweto Township at the Best with Mount Zion Tours

Soweto Township Tour

Mount Zion Tours specializes in offering fully guided Soweto Township tour focusing on the history and culture without being invasive to Soweto locals. We are one of the South African based tour operator that focuses on providing custom-made tour packages in and around South Africa, including Soweto Township which is often named as the “Birthplace of the Struggle”. Our experienced and professional guides are knowledgeable and courteous professionals, helping to catch a glimpse of South Africa’s largest township of Johannesburg while listening to the story of the City of Gold and Soweto. For anyone wishing to understand and experience what exactly is South African lifestyle like, a visit to Soweto Township with Mount Zion Tours and Travels is fundamental. Our tour itinerary to Soweto offers you a chance to explore the beacon of hope showing the world how South Africa is after its oppressive past and working towards a future that South Africans call their own.

Why Choose Mount Zion Tours and Travels for Soweto Township Tour

Soweto Township Tours

Mount Zion Tours and Travels has many years of experience and excellence serving the very best tours to Soweto. Our keen  tour guides are dedicated to make your tour memorable, by taking you along the interesting sights while sharing vast knowledge. We have extensive years of experience in the Soweto tourism industry and create many fresh approaches like full day , half day tour etc. to touring the sites at the best. Our Soweto day tours have been rated as one of the best in the country. Therefore, consider booking with Mount Zion Tours and Travels today and let us help you make a wonderful township experience in Soweto!

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